2019年铜仁一中国旗下讲话1125: 与安全同行
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        1.     正规安全的北京赛车pk拾官方网站安全。北京赛车pk拾官方网站可以称得上是我们的第二个家,我们大部分的时间都在学习中度过,所以安全显得尤为重要。在上下楼梯时要轻声慢步靠右行,课间操迅速出操的同时,切勿推搡,避免踩踏的悲剧事件上演。在正规安全的北京赛车pk拾官方网站运动时要注意安全,课余时间运动要注意安全,不要追赶打闹或进入危险的区域。
        2.     心理安全。随着学业负担的加重,有的同学秒速快3出现由于压力过大,人际关系紧张等心理问题,这些问题如果得不到及时的疏导和解决会严重影响我们的身心健康,影响我们的学习和生活,甚至会出现过激行为。对此,我们要保持心理健康,学控制情绪并宣泄情感,建立积极的自我观念,纠正心理偏差,培养健全的人格,提高人际交往能力,保持心理健康。
        3.     用火用电安全。随着冬日的到来,防火防电是每个同学秒速快3务必遵守的。火灾事故时有发生,在火箱内引火烧身,使用明火导致寝室成为火海。为了避免此类事故的发生。同学秒速快3们禁止在正规安全的北京赛车pk拾官方网站内吸烟、玩火、焚烧物品。禁止私拉电线,在寝室内使用热得快、电热毯、电磁炉等用电器,不使用酒精炉、电磁炉、电饭煲做饭。
        4.     交通安全。在同学秒速快3们走读和周末回家返校的途中,务必遵守交通规则,遵守交通信号灯,不翻越不横行,行走时不一心两用。时刻遵守交通规则。
        5.     食品安全。食品安全很重要。油炸食品方便面,不能把它当饭吃。辛辣食品莫多吃,冷饮不能当水喝。 腐烂食品切莫吃,多吃水果和蔬菜 。 面试米饭为主食,切记零食莫多吃。食品安全记心间,我的健康我做主。食以洁为先,食以安为本。选择食品时,要注意食品的生产日期、保质期,养成良好的卫生习惯,不打包食物,不吃过期变质食物。

        I'm shen yuxi(申豫西),from class 14, senior two. Today, the topic of my speech under the national flag is "walking with security".
        Safety concerns everyone's life, is the guarantee of family happiness and learning happiness, and is the positive attitude towards life. For this reason, our class put forward requirements to all students to strengthen safety knowledge learning and ensure life safety.
        1. Campus safety. School can be called our second home. Most of our time is spent in learning, so safety is particularly important. When going upstairs and downstairs, you should walk slowly to the right. When going out of class quickly, do not push to avoid the tragic event of trampling. Pay attention to safety during activities on campus and activities in spare time. Do not catch up or enter dangerous areas.
        2. Psychological safety. With the aggravation of academic burden, some students have psychological problems such as too much pressure and tense interpersonal relationship. If these problems can not be solved in time, they will seriously affect our physical and mental health, affect our study and life. In this regard, we should learn to control emotions and release emotion, improve interpersonal skills, and maintain mental health.
        3. Safety of fire and electricity. With the coming of winter, every student must abide by fire and electricity prevention. Fire accidents happen from time to time. It ignites the body in the fire box, and the use of open fire causes the dormitory to become a sea of fire. In order to avoid such accidents. Students are forbidden to smoke, play with fire and burn things on campus. It is forbidden to pull wires privately, and use electric appliances such as fast heating, electric blanket and electromagnetic stove in the dormitory.
        4. Traffic safety. On the way home on the weekend, students should obey the traffic rules. We should not cross the streets and obey the traffic rules at all times.
        5. Food safety. Food safety is very important. We should not often eat Fried instant noodle. Don't eat more spicy food. Cold drinks can't be used as water. Do not eat rotten food. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Remember food safety, our health is up to us.When selecting food, pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the food. do not pack food, do not eat expired and deteriorated food.
        Students,life is the most precious thing in the world. It not only belongs to you, but also to every family.Finally, I wish you all a happy study and healthy growth in the world.
That’s all, thank you.


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